QI-MAG® Business Feng Shui

»Promote your success in business and at work with Feng Shui«

Excellence in the new millennium. In this course, you will learn how to use Feng Shui in business and professional life positively supported.

Course contents include:

  • problems in interiors and in the external environment,
  • affect the good business development.
  • Convenient building design for more vitality.
  • Advantage space and seating arrangements for executives, effective management and more control.
  • The ideal seating design and furnishings to enhance employee performance.
  • Right sitting positions at conferences and lectures for 100% control and assertiveness.
  • The correct placement of the cash register / reception to increase sales.
  • Cheap design to attract more customers.
  • Selection of land with strong land-energy for commercial buildings.
  • The principle of five elements and color combinations in the office to increase productivity and creativity.
  • Protection against electrosmog.
  • Easy techniques and principles for effective company logos that increase success and extend the life of the company.

This course is a must for all managers, managers and self-employed.

You will receive a comprehensive manual and an international certificate.

You will receive 60 points for the International Adviser Diploma.