QI-MAG® Feng Shui I

»Basics Feng Shui for Vital Energy at Home«

Quote Dr. Lim: "More than 80% of the causes of human degenerative diseases can be found in the bedroom, at home and at work."

Course contents include:

  • Basic Principles, Essence & Meaning of Feng Shui.
  •  QI-MAG Feng Shui methods that improve vitality and well-being.
  •  How building shapes affect your health.
  •  Energy flows in buildings and their effect.
  •  Easy techniques to detect subterranean aquifers that trigger a large part of degenerative     and cancerous diseases and their remedies.
  •  Examples of cheap & bad solutions in bedrooms.
  •  Negative symbols & unhealthy qi in the environment.
  •  Improve Qi & oxygen content in home and apartment.
  •  The principle of the Five Elements & their application.
  •  How to improve your Feng Shui at home.

This course is about first aid in Feng Shui.

After completion, you can make significant improvements in the home and apartment and thus positively change your health and performance.

On request there is the possibility to work in the group in the evening.
Bring along the plan of your house or apartment

You will receive a comprehensive manual and an international certificate

You will see, after this seminar will come, "swing into your booth" - old stagnant energies dissolve, so that positive changes in your life can move in.