QI-MAG® Feng Shui II

»Compass Feng Shui School«

In this intensive course you will get to know the dynamics of different areas in your home and apartment.
You will learn to select the most affordable and energy-rich areas for your bedroom and study, to effectively support your success and prosperity.

Course contents include:

  • Advanced practice of Yin and Yang.
  • The energies of the five elements, colors and remedial systems.
  • The Eight Life Goals - as you discuss various aspects, e.g. Strengthen partnership, prosperity and the family.
  • The system of the Eight Trigrams (Pakua) East-West system for the determination of the best space and area.
  • The Flying Stars (LoShu): the time dimension in Feng Shui.
  • How to use the first german / english LoPan (compass).
  • The secrets of how to change unfavorable energies to promote prosperity.
  • locations of ground gridlines, e.g. Benker and Curry web lines causing health problems.
  • The three complex systems of the Compass School are taught.
  • You will learn how to use all systems to interpret the Feng Shui for space, home or apartment.

In the evening group work is offered. Please bring colored pencils and a scale plan of the house or apartment, on which the cardinal points are drawn.

You will also receive a comprehensive manual and an international certificate.