Feng Shui

The Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui, literally "wind and water", evolved from observations of nature of several millennia. It is the knowledge of the harmonic flow of energy.


Feng Shui can contribute to entrepreneurial success by combining energies that promote individual performance and ensure holistic well-being.


You would like to get an overview of the combination of Business & Feng Shui? Then take a look at my previous references.

Business & Feng-Shui

In collaboration with a team and network of highly qualified, national and international operating consultants and specialists for

• Feng Shui consultations
• geomancy
• Feng Shui training of the Qi Mag Institute

With our consultations, you not only achieve your goals better and faster, but also with lasting success.

What distinguishes our consultancy and consultants from other companies? We offer you international professional experience and practice in many professional fields and cultures and thus ensure a successful and sustainable implementation.

Worldwide networked

Benefit from our international experience!

Through international training in many parts of the world and with consultants from almost all continents, a international network of Consultants has emerged. Through this network, you can consult us worldwide and in various languages.

Take advantage of our experience and our network in the listed continents and countries:


Deutschland, Schweiz, Frankreich, Italien & Großbritannien


USA, Mexiko & Brasilien


Indien, Korea, Japan & China